Friday, August 16, 2013

Mini Vacation to Colorado

The weekend of July 25-28 found many of us trekking to Colorado Springs for the wedding of Shelia's second cousin.  It was a nice ceremony at Palmer Lake near Monument in a mountain Chapel and Event Center.  Between the 19 of us that went from Shelia's side of the family there was the sights of Seven Falls, Zoo, and North Pole to take in.  Early Friday morning 4 of family went golfing and there was some time for some shopping by others.

Many of us had not been out to Shelia's cousin's home in the Springs for sometime, so some Saturday night relaxation after eating at Fargo's pizza, was enjoyed in their beautiful backyard. 
The Happy Couple-John and Erin Abeyta
Our Crew--We love them all dearly. 
Me and my sisters-Cy, Jeannette, Rhonda
and now everybody dance!!!

On the day we left I fell down the last step of the stairs
and suffered a fracture to my right foot.
This is my new foot attire for two weeks. 
And we all returned home safely. 

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