Saturday, December 21, 2013

Where Have You Been?

Or rather where have we been? 
There's been family pictures, Thanksgiving dinner, shopping and packaging wrapping. 
 Cutout cookies, holiday decorating and an occasional afternoon of napping. 
Music concerts,  friends to visit, and road travels.
  Handmade gifts, new furnace installed 
and lights to unravel.
 Church programs, Christmas cards to address, 
 cold weather and little snow.
Hungry birds, cold feet, and
Grandpa and Grandma Santa getting ready to spoil!
That you are sure to know!
We give you a tour of our home
 ready for the holidays.

Merry Christmas to all and may you and
your family be blessed. 

Who's that Family?

  In October our kids put together a family photo session for us.  Now many of you have probably found that trying to get all kids and adults to do what you want and when they want in a family picture doesn't always happen to plan.  Never-the-less we are delighted to be updating our family in picture.


Christmas Cookies

When our children were growing up, we didn't do many cutout Christmas cookies.  With two full-time working parents, there wasn't much time for this holiday activity. 

But as we have become Grandparents a new tradition has started in our home:  Christmas cookie baking and decorating with the grandkids.  Enjoy this years highlights for dough, frosting and PLENTY of sprinkles.

She Changes Her Clothes

On my road trips to Kansas and back for work, I enjoy the beautiful colors that nature shares with us.  This fall was one of the prettiest I can remember.  Enjoy my pictures.

Once the leaves started falling, I noticed how
beautiful the trunk's were under the trees.
We have a beautiful trunk in our life also: 
God keeps us strong and standing upright if
we continue to believe and have faith in Him.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013