Friday, August 16, 2013

"You Better Not Pout"

On Saturday, July 27th, we took our children and grandchildren to visit the North Pole at Colorado Springs.  We were in the area for a family wedding the night before and decided we needed to introduce Santa Claus land to the grandkids.  Lyle and I figured it has been probably 25 years since we took our kids there. 

So we all rode a ride or two, (or three or four...depending on how old you were); did a little shopping; and a little eating.  Around 2:30 in the afternoon a rain shower came up and chased many of us away.  Steven's family rode out the rain with her cousins that came from Denver to join in the fun.  But my foot accident prior to the trip told me it was time to go take a nap.  Cheryl's family was also heading part way home to Curtis, NE to stay with Chuck's sister for the evening.  As my blog title says, we love to create memories!


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