Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Tiny Hands and Tiny Feet



High Priced $Bargain$

I love the fall season and glad it is upon us.  I enjoy the cool weather (top of the list), beautiful colors, energized spirit, and knowing that in just a few short days we will gather as family and friends for the holidays. 

My fall pick of plants for what few flower spots I have is the mum plant.  Each year I try to plant at least one more plant, hoping that it will survive the cold of winter and the heat of summer to bring on a beautiful bush of color for our yard. 

The weekend of our garage project sent me to ACE hardware for some hooks to hang items on the walls.   On my way in the store I noticed they had mum plants special priced for the weekend.  I said to myself, "I'll pay for 6 plants and get them on my way out." 
Wanting to get the best plant for my money, I was looking over the display when I spotted the best plants towards the back out of the heat.  As I came up from reaching for a couple of plants I smacked my head on another display rack they had against the building. 
Now I have to say it stunned me and I said "Ouch that hurt". 
I carried three plants to the car, went back for the other three plants and discovered as I bent over that my head had blood running down it.  So I walked to the car at an angle to keep the blood from running down onto my clothes and grabbed a towel from the trunk to hold against the cut and drove myself to the emergency room of the hospital.  Luckily it was a superficial wound and didn't require any stitches. 
 And there you have, bargain mum plants..nope!!! The medical charges are going to far exceed the cost of the mums!


Appreciation with Determination

For a couple of years we have been wanting to finish out the insulation and covering of our walls in the garage.  It was time to get some of that "stuff" organized off the floor and purge some of the "stuff" that isn't needed anymore.
Knowing we were going to need some help, we polled our kids for a time when they could come be "weekend warriors" for us and labor for this project.  Labor Day weekend took the unanimous vote. 
With the help of my sister and her husband, plus one of my dad's work trailers, we traveled to Menard's and picked up the insulation and wall board.  The crew of "kids" arrived Saturday afternoon and begin the project around mid-evening, and this is where determination comes in. 
It was a warm humid night.  We are so blessed
 that the boys did this for us!
See...they also brought their golf clubs and were going to work all night if that's what it took to get the project done, because they didn't want to work on LABOR day! (That would defeat the purpose of the holiday!!!)  And finish in one night they did...2:30 in the morning...6 hours complete x 2 men.  And that leads us to appreciation.
Finished project---Garden and lawn tools,
outside decorations, and lawn chairs all have
a place of their own on the finished wall. 
 Less stuff on the floor--YIPPEE!