Monday, July 22, 2013

"¡Feliz cumpleaños!"

Today I celebrated another birthday.  I don't regret another one came around, especially after the day full of greetings. 

After lunch today I am at Steven's house and Caden says "Happy Birthday Grandma, we're taking you to supper and it's Mexican"  I said "OK, I accept".  Far be it for me to argue with a "man" who has his mind made up, no matter the age:) 

So I met them at the Mexican restaurant in Phillipsburg and Caden says " Grandma we told them it's your birthday." No big deal to me and we have a nice meal with conversation about their vacation they just returned from with Chalina's family. 

I said to Caden "have you ever tried their chocolate chimichanga's?"  He said "no", so we ordered two.  Not long after that, a sombrero was being put on my head, fried ice cream dessert was set on the table in front of me and Happy Birthday in Spanish (see the post title) was being sung to me by the staff.  Complete with instrumental accompaniment from spoon and pan.  Not only was I tickled for this special treatment, but you should of seen the faces on all grandchildren while they were singing.  

Caden says "Grandma, how old are you?"  I replied "54".  He then says "How old is Papa Lyle?"  I said "60".  His next reply "wow he's super passing you."   Did I come home and tell this to Lyle? Absolutely:)  Love those minds and mouths of babes!!!

We enjoyed all three desserts to the last spoonful and I drove home with the jolliest of hearts!
Birthday card from Ryleigh

Happy Birthday Grandma Shelia!

Jack helping himself to cool whip, ice cream and chocolate!

My young dates

Ryleigh enjoys her share of the sweets. 

Pre-school edition

This past week I completed Caden's pre-school years scrapbook.   I consider this a big accomplishment as he just finished Kindergarten and not high school!!  Yes, it's quite large, but I can't help it that between his grandmother and my children, we follow all the grandkids around waiting on a picture.  Then it's hard to choose what and what not to crop. 

Grandpa Lyle said 'he'll have a heart attack" trying to carry it.  "Funny man".  For sure it will be one that you will have to put on the table to look at.  He was so excited when I showed up with it as he had just told me a few weeks prior to getting it done, how he loves those books I do for them. 

I love doing them and it brings me joy that they appreciate and look forward to receiving them


Monday, July 8, 2013

Christmas In July

C in J...are you old enough to remember this?  Or is Black Friday the only retail money making term you know for the holidays?  To my memory C in J  was what I grew up on as the retailers hoped the mid-summer sales would get them to fall, before Black Friday  sales hopefully keep them in business through the winter. 

Well here's my take of why I like C in J..

It's my official start of Pandora serendaing me with Christmas can you resist Jim Reeves singing "An Old Chritmas Card", Alan Jackson singing "Let it be Christmas Everywhere", Matthew West singing "Heart of Christmas" and Josh Groban singing "Believe"...

It's the hum of my sewing machine stitching on new Christmas fabrics...

It the scrapbooking internet sites flooded with holiday printed papers just beckoning me to push the buy button...

It's the can't resist that for .... and the hiding places in our home being filled with purchases for those loveable grandchildren...

It's the magazine racks filling up with holiday magazines to purchase with cooking, crafts and card making ideas for my viewing as I nod off to sleep...

It's the premier of Hallmark ornaments to add to my collection...

It's the hope that this 105 degree temp outside my door right now will soon turn to cool, crisp, rain filled air to quench the thirsting ground...

Have you guessed yet that I like Christmas.  Just wait till it really gets close, I'm double excited by that time!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Corners of my World

Decorate Life: Scrapbook--and I do! Scrapbooking as been some part of my life for a very long time.  My very first scrapbook came from my mother who pasted every card and who wrote every gift given to me my first year of life.  It was assembled in one of those yellow page 15" x 15" tie bound books that are very fragile today.  Remember those? I'm not so sure it doesn't have a few more years of posting in it, but I have 3 sisters and we all came 1 1/2 to 2 years after each other so you can see mom probably lost track of time while we was growing up. 

When our daughter was diagnosed with a life altering disease 14 years ago, this new age of scrapbooking caught my eye.  That desire to use those fancy papers, stickers and scissors drew my artsy side out  and became my therapy of dealing with the tough years that were to follow for her care.  We had also just started life in Nebraska so it was fun taking pictures and recording what was ahead for our family as Steven was starting college at Kearney and Cheryl was starting her second year of college in Omaha. 

As a child growing up I was blessed to have many grandparents and great-grandparents (and my parents of course) to raise me.  About half of them were associated with farming and the other half the "public" satisfying work field.  We come from a line of great cooks and seamstresses.  Remembering this heritage is also what draws me to scrapbooking.  You don't get a chance to go back and live those special times over, so do it right the first time and record them in your heart.

Lyle laughs at me (in a good way) because he finds me constantly journaling something about a memory or an event I don't want to forget.  Hence the mess you will find in my "fun room" most of the time.. those little notes needing attention. 

My desire to stay busy and give what I can comes from my parents.  Growing up in small town America, by dad was busy 12-14 hours a day helping my grandparents run their car dealership and bodyshop;  and my mom worked taking care of her daughters and part-time caring for elderly neighbors and friends and working at the local café.  At the time you are growing up you thought how unfair it was you had those daily home chores to do for mom and dad as well as help grandma clean her big two story house; but now you are grown up you appreciate the fact you know how to do it; and you appreciate how hard it was to acquire something you wanted out of life.

Now I am blessed by my own children and grandchildren, and a wonderful supporting husband, who let's me indulge in my hobbies, as we continue to build on that heritage. 

This is my "studio" (French phrase!)  It has quite a few projects
going at this time.  And yes I am spoilt by my own little
corner of the world.  I'm contemplating the fact that it's time
for some new window wear in this room. 


The electronic side of my fun room. 
This is the newest spot of the basement I have claimed.
The quilting corner.  This year I gifted myself with a new
free-motion/long arm quilting machine.  Having a good time with it. 


I'm feeling "hip"...  Have joined the blog setting!  I decided that by doing a blog it would be my way of sharing with friends and family what's happening in Lyle's and my life that I don't have time right now to scrapbook.  With six grandchildren, full-time job and the home to help run, there doesn't seem to be enough time for "me scrapbooking".  And then there's that other hobby of quilting that somehow get's in the way also.  What can I say, I like to be busy.

Don't expect great things to happen from me or many posts, but expect something once in a while.

Our two youngest grandchildren:  Jack Seems and Chloe Bear. 

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Dr. Seuss