Monday, July 22, 2013

Pre-school edition

This past week I completed Caden's pre-school years scrapbook.   I consider this a big accomplishment as he just finished Kindergarten and not high school!!  Yes, it's quite large, but I can't help it that between his grandmother and my children, we follow all the grandkids around waiting on a picture.  Then it's hard to choose what and what not to crop. 

Grandpa Lyle said 'he'll have a heart attack" trying to carry it.  "Funny man".  For sure it will be one that you will have to put on the table to look at.  He was so excited when I showed up with it as he had just told me a few weeks prior to getting it done, how he loves those books I do for them. 

I love doing them and it brings me joy that they appreciate and look forward to receiving them


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