Friday, August 16, 2013

Morphine and Machines

It's been done and he says "he hopes he never has to do it again."

Lyle had his back operated on the 7th of August with the procedure involving bone fusion of lower lumber 4 and 5, as well as a cyst removed off of 4.  He will be finishing out the year recuperating, with walking as his exercise and no "BLT"  (bending, lifting, turning.)

His first few days were quite painful so for the 24 hours following the surgery he was on a morphine pump.  10 days prior to the surgery he had also started having some dizzy spells, with sweats and headaches.  The morning after the surgery he suffered one of the attacks, startling the nurses.  So he was put on oxygen, blood pressure monitor, lung scans,  heart test and artery tests were performed, and blood from an artery was take for oxygen check and chemistry workup.

All the tests came back normal except for a collapsed lung on the right side.  This is common we are told with surgery, but doesn't explain why the attacks prior to the surgery.  He was dismissed from the hospital 5 days after the surgery, where we will allow him to do some recuperating and then see our family physician for a bronchial scope and some more heart tests, if the spells continue.


Morphine and Machines:


Exercise program:  Laps inside the house.  Quite sure by now the scenery is boring!

Get Well Wishes from the most tender of hearts:

Jack what are you up too?

Grandson Kieran knows how much his Grandpa Lyle
likes KU so he got a basketball playing card. 

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