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Six grandchildren, two grandparents and 3 days together equal a fun, never boring, on the go, always busy Spring Break.  During the weekend of March 21-23 Lyle and I enjoyed having our grandchildren come stay with us for a few days.  It was an event filled few days and everyone had very good behavior for us.  Here's a few pictures of our activities.  
We were smiling when they all came on the first day
and we were smiling when they all left:-)

I believe this picture speaks "get out of my space"
Grandma and her camera, always on the look out.

 Friday we had pajama day

 Running through the house screaming is normally not something I wanted to hear.  But it let me get their meal ready without interruptions.  

 Good eaters.  Our children are going to have
some pretty hefty food bills when they reach teenage years.
The favorite spot in our home.  Our bedroom with the DVD
showing Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry.

The youngest two practicing their long jump skills!


 March Madness Month, only the madness
didn't go our way.  We'll get them next year
KU Jayhawks!

Sneaking in a frosted sugar
cookie before their older
siblings caught them!
 I set up a chore chart for each of
them to help with picking up their bedding, carrying dishes to kitchen, helping with little ones, picking up after they bathed and having good attitudes.  Each sticker earned them  25 cents.  They made sure I didn't forget at the end of the day how many stickers they earned!
My mom and sister are putting together an Easter family meal and
egg hunt.  We had to decorate one dozen eggs each to be filled by them and then the Easter bunny is going to hide them before we come to eat.  It was a fun time.  Except you will notice Kiptyn not at the table?  He's not into crafts.  Just cartoons.  And yes mom's those are permanent markers we were using!

 These three boys has so much fun playing each other on the Wii.  You can tell that the Ninja Turtles are a hot item again.  I heard a lot of the word "DUDE" during this play time.
Our little Chloe earned herself a quarter for being the table setting helper.  
 Now these next set of pictures you are about to see, I'm not sure the parents would be very supportive of.  They all decided it was a whole lot of fun to wrap up in their blankets and pillows and slide down our stairs.  All but Chloe who didn't like the noise or the commotion.  So Grandma Shelia came to her rescue at the bottom of the stairs and we took our pictures from there.

And it ends when someone gets hurt.  That was Kiptyn who got dog-piled by the older kids.  He went home with a bruise near his eye.  Way to run with the "Big Dogs" Kiptyn.  

Jack found it fun to help push them down the stairs.  

 Settling down with Grandpa and a movie


It's hard work running with your older siblings.
Saturday was a cold and snowy day so
we made paper airplanes and snowflakes.   
 Crashed out on the living room floor.
And the weekend ends with Sunday School in Grandma's classroom, church and
lunch at Carlos O'Kellys
 These times will always be cherished.  Kieran said "let's do it again"  And we may just have to.

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